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Opportunity Seeker Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is an incredibly easy way to earn money.

It costs you nothing to become an affiliate and there's no limit on how much you can earn.

Website Affiliates:
Earn generous commissions on sales through your website.

Just add a link or banner to your site and every sale generated earns you money.

We will provide you with a unique coupon code which you will display next to the link or banner

The unique coupon allows customers to purchase Opportunity Seeker products at a discount while simultaneously earning you a generous commission. It's that easy!

Postal Mailing & Bulk Emailing Affiliates:
Even if you don't have a high traffic website you can still earn money with the Opportunity Seeker Affiliate Program.

Are you planning to do a large postal mailing or a bulk emailing campaign?

Do you have a down line?

Would like to earn money by simply referring those clients to us for their data needs?

Call us for a unique coupon code that can easily be included in your next mailing or promotion.

The unique coupon allows any client to purchase Opportunity Seeker products at a discount while simultaneously earning you a generous commission.

How It Works:
Upon redemption, unique coupons are captured and statistically stored in Real Time by our Cart Manager Software Program.

Redemption statistics will be sent to you monthly via email.

Commissions earned will be paid by check to you at the end of a predetermined sale / promotion cycle or on the 1 st of every month. You decide.

Join Now!
Call us to get your unique coupon code and start earning money today.


"Good things come to those who wait but, only the things left over by the people that hurried."
-Abraham Lincoln

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