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Welcome to Opportunity Seeker

Opportunity Seeker mailing lists offer over 45 targeted categories including: opportunity seekers, MLM leads, extra income seekers, home businesses, work from home, get rich quick buyers, mail order buyers and much more.

Opportunity Seeker knows to be successful in a direct marketing campaign it's imperative that you have good quality, fresh leads. All our Opportunity Seeker leads are Double Opt In Fresh leads. This means that all prospects have asked twice about making extra money, work from home, mlm, etc.

Opportunity Seeker leads are completely duplicate free and are coded. This insures that all business leads are completely fresh and never over-worked.

All our mailing lists are printed on the best quality peel and stick labels in dark, black ink. Our mailing lists are sent the same day with Free shipping!

Because OpportunitySeeker.com generates fresh, targeted mailing lists that are never over-worked, all our mailing list leads are simply unparalleled.

Hi, Mike Winicki here...

Opportunity Seeker has been offering up-to-date lists of opportunity seekers, business opportunity investors and MLM participants since 2011. Our information is acquired from a variety of sources, some collected from Internet sources and some from offline sources like telephone surveys. Basically we offer 3 different types of data: names and addresses on peel & stick labels, phone numbers and mailing addresses on an electronic spreadsheet, email addresses and mailing addresses on an electronic spreadsheet. The electronic spreadsheets are usually emailed while of course the peel & stick labels need to be mailed.

OK, so who buys these lists from us? Here are some examples of the types of folks who purchase our information. Joe B. lives in Baltimore, MD and he works for a local auto repair shop. Joe was introduced to a business opportunity that involves low cost travel vouchers. You buy the travel vouchers for a low price and get large discounts when you use them at hotels and restaurants. Joe gets a percentage of all the vouchers he sells. Joe has had some luck selling these vouchers and thinks there are others out there that would like to earn some extra money doing the same thing. So how does he find other people that may be interested in this type of business opportunity? Easy! He goes to opportunityseeker.com and gets a list of business opportunity seekers on peel & stick labels. He then creates a postcard presenting his offer and slaps a label on each one... Then off to the post office!

Net we have have Linda who's involved in a network marketing program that deals with naturally made cosmetics. She and her friends love the cosmetics and she thinks others would be interested in this program too. So what does she do? She comes to this site and gets a list of MLM opportunity seekers. She gets two lists (because you need to test): One list is our old standby list on peel & stick labels. The second list consists of phone numbers and addresses. She'll test both lists and then go from there. Karlos is an affiliate marketer. He's been very successful marketing other peoples products on the Internet and now he has his own product he would like to market. But where to begin? He comes right to this site and gets a list of extra income seekers who might be interested in what he's offering. He gets a list of email addresses and test markets that way (testing is very important! So anyway that's our story! If you have questions about how to most profitably use our lists just reach out to us here at mwinicki@yahoo.com or call us at 1-888-662-3422. I wish you big-time success!

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I just want you to know how pleased I am with your fast service! Keep up all the great work!
Jorge Fields

I just can't believe the response rate!
Bob Fox

Thank you so much for all the great leads!! I'll be back!!
Tom Stovall

Fast, friendly service!
Tami Grube

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